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Neural Labs, a Kenyan-based startup is using AI-enabled medical imaging to facilitate real-time diagnosis of various respiratory, heart, and breast diseases and pathologies.

Neural Labs was founded in January 2021 by Tom Kinyanjui and Paul Mwaura Ndirangu, two machine learning engineers, it has since developed a platform called NeuralSight that seeks to reduce Africa’s disease burden and hospital workloads, with better patient outcomes and democratized access to healthcare.

NeuralSight can identify, label, and highlight over 20 respiratory, heart, and breast diseases and pathologies, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, COVID-19, emphysema, and many more.

“In 2020, we worked on various projects on platforms such as Zindi Africa and Kaggle that focused on improving healthcare delivery using AI. We identified the market gap in Africa and decided to collect data locally and develop AI models in the healthcare space to improve patient care,” Kinyanjui told journalists.

NeuralSight’s AI-enabled medical imaging platform speeds up a patient’s wait time increasing the chances of survival by early treatment. The startup is currently running clinical trials in Nairobi.

“We are receiving positive feedback, and receiving numerous requests from hospitals to implement our technology in their facilities,” said Kinyanjui.

“Currently, NeuralSight is not making revenue as we are in the process of final product development,” he said. “However, revenue streams are expected to be both transactional and on a subscription basis.”

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