Have you ever been to a restaurant, ordered, eaten your well-served food by a well-attending waiter, paid via M-Pesa but had no cash in hand so failed to tip the waiter? Safaricom wants to fix this.

Safaricom has been focused on developing and adding new and new features to their M-Pesa service recently introducing a feature blocking customer contact details when making payments through Lipa Na M-Pesa. Now, the new M-Pesa  App update will give Kenyans an option to tip retailers after making buy goods transactions.

The tipping feature works just like you would imagine after you pay via buy goods and services, a tipping button appears on the bottom left side of the screen titled Tip with a small call to action (Tip Waiter)

Clicking on the button opens up a send money option, here you have to ask the person you are tipping, in this case, a waiter, for their phone number. You can then proceed to send them the tip right to their personal phone number.

Basically, the app just makes the process quicker, instead of going back to your M-Pesa menu and choosing to send money, you can now just press the tip button.

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You can now also sync your favourite tills or contacts even if you change devices on the M-Pesa app. According to Techweez, the M-PESA app will now list your favourites whenever you want to make a payment or send cash to a contact on any synced device.

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