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New Online Personal Loan afterU offers low-interest turnaround solutions for Professionals in Emerging Industries

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 15 December 2022 – uFinance, the Information Loan Platform for Tertiary Students in Hong Kong, has expanded its lending services to include personal loans with a new brand, afterU, in September this year to offer lower interest rates and larger personal loans to those with tertiary qualifications or professional qualifications. Professional qualifications are not limited to traditional industries and civil servants, but also include emerging professions such as Data Analysts, Digital Marketing Specialists, Programmers, System Security Officers, Blockchain Developers, Online Education Specialists, Product Managers, etc. With the founding mission of uFinance, afterU will provide not only financial support to its target audiences, but also information that will help professionals to plan their careers and future through the platform, allowing them to achieve their goals by continuing to equip themselves while being employed.

Low-interest loans for professionals no longer restricted to traditional industries

While many traditional banks and financial institutions offer personal loans with a heavy emphasis on the applicant’s income and credit score, afterU believes that lending companies should consider occupation as one of the approval criteria, as having a stable income can reduce the risk of late repayment. Even though there are other lending companies that offer civil service loans or low-interest loans for professionals, often these loans are only available to professionals in traditional industries (e.g. doctors, pilots, etc.). However, with the rise of new professions such as System Security Officers and Blockchain Developers in the IT industry, it is expected that the demand for such professionals will continue to grow. afterU believes that loan applicants with professional qualifications in emerging industries have a more stable income and unlimited potential. Therefore, afterU hopes to provide more suitable low-interest loan support to professionals in emerging professions, so that they can solve their financial needs and achieve their finance freedom goal.

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afterU loans are available online and offer you flexible solutions

afterU personal loans are available online, offering a completely online loan process from application, approval, contract signing and disbursement without the embarrassment of offline visit. As long as you have a tertiary education or professional qualification and are a permanent resident of Hong Kong aged 18 or above, you can apply for a low-interest personal loan instantly at the afterU website. Furthermore, afterU understands that applicants often only need short-term cash flow, the afterU offer a flexible repayment plan that allows you to repay the entire loan early at any time without any handling fees or penalty interest.

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About uFinance

uFinance Hong Kong Limited (“uFinance”) was established in 2018 to provide the most suitable financial support for tertiary students in Hong Kong, enabling them to manage their finances and take advantage of every learning opportunity. Since its inception, uFinance has served more than 10,000 students and has worked with over 200 societies from tertiary institutions.

Moreover, uFinance understands that many tertiary graduates also have to face various financial needs after joining the society, such as further studies, house ownership or investment. To help newcomers to the workforce to enter society without the pressure, uFinance will be extending its lending services into the private lending sector in 2022, with the launch of a new brand, , to provide more suitable financial support for those with tertiary qualifications or professional qualifications. For more information, please visit our afterU website:

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