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Safaricom recently announced that effective 1st March 2021 the telco would permanently increase Safaricom Home Fibre Speeds Bandwidths, however, the new usage policy has more than meets the eyes as the lads over at tech-ish have discovered.

With the new policy, Safaricom has introduced a fair usage policy, meaning that Home Fibre is no longer unlimited.

New Safaricom Home Fibre With Fair Usage Policy Packages


When tasked to explain, Safaricom argues that “the average user hits 350 GB in a month unless you are in the business of reselling.”

Kenyans were not pleased, here is what they had to say on the popular social media platform Twitter:


In the new policy, new customers will also now be required to pay Sh3000 for installation services, which include the router. Previously, the exercise was free.

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