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Nobody understands Africa like we do,” Calvo Mawela, MultiChoice Group CEO, said while announcing the new Showmax 2.0. I’d like to agree to disagree, you’ve probably read about Showmax 2.0, both here on Techpace Africa or elsewhere, from delays to snippets, well finally the cat is out of the bag for what the new revamped Showmax will offer, and it sucks! well unless you watch your content on Mobile.

No More Sports on Showmax

I don’t know which Africans told them this is what we needed, but Multichoice has gone full in on Mobile with three out of four of their subscription plans exclusive to mobile device subscribers, and the one plan available for TV users doesn’t even have football to go with it. Football on Showmax also now seems to be limited to only the premier league which is also a downgrade.

This is because if you want to watch sports on the big screen, Multichoice has something else in mind for you, DStv Stream, yes, the laggy more expensive DStv app launched last year. The packages here start at about Ksh 1,350 but you only get 2 sports channels which is not ideal, to get access to most football leagues you would have to part with at least Ksh 3,500, this gives you about 7 sports channels.

This whole “separate app” business and walling off sports is just MultiChoice’s way of squeezing more money out of us, like a particularly persuasive pickpocket in a crowded marketplace.


I have been crying for Showmax to bring 4K to their plans, and so have others, they have the resources and I thought joining forces with Comcast’s NBCUniversal, and Sky was going to be the turning point but no, we only get 1080p, while the lack of a range of sports variety puts me off, the lack of 4K even for their entertainment plans which are meant for the big screen is unacceptable.

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In 2024, we’re still stuck with 1080p. While the rest of the world is basking in the crispness of 4K, innovating and upscaling to 8K even, Showmax is stuck in the dark ages, saying they understand the market but failing to push boundaries and just being content sucks, they should be at the forefront pushing to bring high quality to Africans. According to TechwithMuchiri, the lack of 4K ‘aligns with realistic market conditions in Africa presently, where 4K adoption still has room to grow.’ for which I ask, why do all their competition then offer 4K if Africa isn’t ready for it?


If you like streaming your sports, TV Shows, and Movies on your smartphone, you are in luck, Showmax is now a tad bit cheaper and they have introduced a lot of mobile-only features. Showmax 2.0 also amps up original productions by 150% with 21 new Showmax Originals premieres slated for February, spanning local African narratives to major franchise releases. Oh, and they also have a cool new logo. yay!

Showmax 2.0 Pricing in Africa

Here is a breakdown of Showmax 2.0 Pricing in Africa.

Showmax 2.0 Pricing

Showmax 2.0 Pricing in Africa

The new Showmax app will roll out across 44 African markets starting January 23rd, 2024. Existing customers will receive communication on how to access the new app, and by February 12th, the full experience will be live in all markets.


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