AltSchool Africa, the Nigerian edtech company building an African alternative to Silicon Valley coding boot camps, has officially opened its doors in Kenya, its second-largest market by revenue. This exciting move highlights the startup’s rapid growth and ambitions to equip the continent’s youth with in-demand digital skills.

Kenya emerged as a key driver of AltSchool’s success, contributing significantly to its revenue. Recognizing this potential, the company is establishing a dedicated Kenyan team led by Country Manager Tabitha Kayvu. This new presence will provide more hands-on support to local students and facilitate faster processing of local payments.

“We are not new to the people, but this will give us the opportunity to expand,” said Adewale Yusuf, founder of AltSchool, to TechCabal. This strategic move demonstrates AltSchool’s commitment to serving Kenyan learners and adapting its offerings to their specific needs.

Beyond Nigeria, Across Africa

While initially launched in 2021 as a virtual platform for Nigerians to earn diplomas in engineering, data, and business analytics, AltSchool has blossomed into a pan-African force. It now boasts operations in the US and Rwanda, further solidifying its global presence.

Key partnerships with Kenyan stakeholders have played a crucial role in this expansion. Collaborating with local agencies enables AltSchool to tailor its curriculum and connect with qualified talent while ensuring Kenyan learners have access to these valuable skills.

Diverse Offerings, Bridging Skill Gaps

Beyond its core diploma programs, AltSchool has diversified its offerings by introducing short courses focused on practical skills like sales, content creation, and even music production. These courses will be available in Kenya, taught primarily in English with plans to explore Swahili instruction in the future.

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With a staggering 10 million job seekers and only 3 million employed across Africa, the continent faces a significant skills mismatch. AltSchool aims to bridge this gap by equipping youth with relevant digital skills in fields like business, data, engineering, media, and the creative economy.

Flexible Education, Sustainable Growth

Recognizing affordability concerns, AltSchool offers flexible pricing ranging from $20 to $50 per month for its courses. It also leverages the income-sharing agreement (ISA) model, allowing students to pay back tuition as a percentage of their future income. This innovative approach makes quality education more accessible to a wider range of learners.

With over 60,000 learners across 105 countries and an annual recurring revenue of $3 million, AltSchool demonstrates impressive reach and financial sustainability. It recently received a $30 million investment from the Rwandan Innovation Fund and secured $3 million in May 2023, adding to its $1 million pre-seed funding in 2022.

Deepening Roots, Building the Future

Yusuf emphasizes AltSchool’s commitment to existing markets: “We want to deepen our presence in existing countries.” This focus on sustained growth within its established regions alongside strategic expansion into new markets like Kenya underscores AltSchool’s ambitious vision for empowering the next generation of African digital talent.

With its robust offerings, flexible pricing, and commitment to local partnerships, AltSchool Africa is poised to play a significant role in closing the skills gap and equipping African youth with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

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