FLOW, a Nigerian education technology (EdTech) company, is expanding its reach beyond Nigeria to empower students across Africa and the United Kingdom (UK). Founded by Morayo Ojikutu, FLOW creates engaging and interactive learning experiences that focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and positive psychology for students aged 7-18.

Ojikutu’s personal experiences led her to create FLOW. She recognized the limitations of traditional education systems that prioritize rote memorization over fostering essential life skills. FLOW’s mission is to cultivate a generation of young people with strong personal values and a sense of purpose.

FLOW’s digital platform caters to both individual learners and educational institutions. Their curriculum integrates principles from positive psychology and behavioral economics, aiming to equip students with the tools they need to thrive in life, not just on exams. This focus on social-emotional learning and soft skills like emotional intelligence and creativity sets FLOW apart in the EdTech industry.

Since its launch, FLOW has partnered with over 30 prestigious schools in Lagos, demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach. They are now committed to expanding their reach to underserved schools and creating a wider impact.

FLOW is preparing to adapt its educational model for diverse cultural and educational contexts in the UK and other African countries. Their global expansion is fueled by significant financial backing, including US$30,000 from Orange Corners and US$100,000 from the Mastercard Foundation.

FLOW utilizes a B2B2C model to ensure long-term success. Schools can invest in teacher training through the FLOW Academy, while parents can enroll their children in the FLOW Club and access relevant courses. This dual revenue stream fosters consistent funding and allows FLOW to scale its educational services effectively.

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FLOW’s innovative approach to education, combining engaging content with social-emotional learning and positive psychology principles, positions it as a leader in the EdTech space. Their commitment to global expansion promises to empower students across Africa and the UK, preparing them to lead fulfilling lives.

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