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NIPPON Lagoon Coin staking service is launching soon

NEW YORK, US – Media OutReach – 24 November 2022 – NIPPON chance to win villa NFT worth $700,000! the NIPPON Lagoon Coin (NLC) is a major project involving members. The project aims to develop Koh Rong island into the most environmentally, socially and economically ideal and developed region in the world by providing a secure and open ecosystem through the use of blockchain technology for everyone, including investors, developers and users. NLC has announced that they will soon launch a staking service using NLC token, a governance token issued by the project.

NIPPON Lagoon Coin (NLC) is a project focused on Koh Rong, Cambodia, aiming to rapidly grow cryptocurrency along with tourism. The project will create an ecosystem in the island of Koh Rong by issuing a cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for shopping, , real estate, hotels and other services, mainly in the NIPPON Lagoon area managed by the project.

Launching staking service and campaigns

The staking service allows users to deposit the governance token NLC through their digital wallet developed by the project, called NLC wallet. Staking users can get benefits unique to this project.

To celebrate the launch of the staking service, NLC will also hold a campaign for 52 winners to win villa NFTs worth a total of USD 700,000. Users can take part in the campaign by getting raffle tickets. One raffle ticket is awarded for every 5,000 NLC tokens staked, with more staked, the higher the chance of winning.

Other attractive benefits include earning LGN token (utility tokens), depending on the volume of staking, which allows investors holding governance tokens to participate in the ecosystem. Staking users can also get cashback in “RongPay” for payments in shopping, and real estate, and free accommodation in partner hotels. In addition, NLC wallet has a level system whereby the level is raised according to the amount of token staked. Higher wallet level users can receive even more services.

The villas are under construction in Koh Rong, Cambodia, and NFT owners can stay in the villas (for the number of days of ownership) and earn operational profit when not staying. Villa NFTs that can be won in the campaign, can also be sold in the NFT marketplace, “investR”.

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Users who are considering purchasing a villa will benefit from participating in the campaign. Even if they do not win in the campaign, they still get the opportunity to purchase a villa NFTs at a discount price.

If a user stakes more than 5,000 NLC tokens, their wallet level exceeds level 5, which offers a discount price of villa NFTs. Discount percentage depends on the amount of staked tokens, with a maximum discount of 23.2% for the initial sales and a maximum discount of 18.5% for the sales of 15th villa NFT onwards (applicable only when purchasing one villa).

About governance token “NCL” used for staking

Governance token “NIPPON Lagoon Coin” (NCL) is a token on the BinanceSmart Chain (BSC) with a mechanism that grants token holders the privilege to influence the direction of the protocol. Various decisions ranging from the creation of new services and budgetary frameworks for projects, conclusion of alliances and partnerships, can be decided and implemented through the governance token.

In addition to the limited number of NCL governance tokens, the project is also issuing payment currency, LGN, which has a wide range of purposes and unlimited supply.

This currency enables innovative investment with NFTs; The NCL project will use the payment currency LGNs for real estate investment by NFTs linked to Cambodian real estate. Information and rights to a villa planned to be built in Koh Rong is converted into NFTs, which can be purchased by LGN. NFT owners can not only earn investment income, but use the villa for themselves.

Operating company information

NLC project is operated by NC Material Co,. Ltd, a leading Asian trading company specializing in the supply of stevedoring machinery, spare parts and seaport equipment. NC Material is currently constructing a hotel and approximately 30 villas in Sihanoukville (also known as Kompong Som) on Koh Rong, Cambodia.

NIPPON Lagoon Coin (NLC) project information

Hashtag: #NIPPONLagoonCoin

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