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Google Photos will no longer offer free, high-quality unlimited storage to all users as of June 1, 2021.  All users will get 15GB of Google Drive storage after which you’ll need to subscribe to Google One if you’re running out of room. Well, unless you purchase a Google pixel device.

According to product lead David Lieb, the end to unlimited free storage was necessary as It was becoming too expensive to offer unrestricted backups.

So what are some cheap Google Photos Alternatives to back up your media? The easiest most outright answer is foregoing cloud storage and just regularly backing up your handset on to your computer or an external hard disk.

While those two are tedious and a real pain in the ass to set up regularly, MicroSDs are next in line. But then Just like the phone storage, should you lose your phone then the backup was not really a backup. However, if your phone dies on you you can retrieve the data from the cards.

Alternative Cloud Options.

There is no one offering a better deal than Google Photos, unfortunately.

Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. OneDrive’s free version is more limited at just 5GB, compared to Google’s 15GB. Onedrive Cloud storage can be upgraded to 100GB for $2 a month.

If you have an iPhone, odds are you’re already using iCloud. Apple also offers 5GB free with some cheaper plans for expansion. 50GB is just $1 a month, 200GB is $3 a month, and 2TB is $10 a month.

Flickr would have been a good choice, their free plans used to offer 1TB of storage, but now they’re limited to 1,000 photos. If you want unlimited storage, you’ll have to get Flickr Pro, which runs $7 a month (or $60 a year).

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Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage and paid plans are significantly more expensive than its competitors.

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