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“No More Tall Mountains, No More Long Roads” – Documentary ” The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments ” Captures the Shared Destiny Between China and Laos

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 24 December 2023 – On December 24th, the documentary ” The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments”, jointly produced by the Program Center of the China Media Group, China Media Group Mobile, and the China Network Television, premiered across China Media Group Mobile and the China Network Television. Focusing on cultural exchanges between the youth of China and Laos, the documentary ” The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments ” approaches the topic from the perspective of ordinary individuals. It paints a vivid picture of how Laotian children perceive the real China. Through heartwarming narratives filled with human emotions, the documentary showcases the cultural collisions and integrations between different countries and civilizations. Its content, characterized by depth, warmth, emotion, and attention to detail, deeply resonated with numerous viewers after its broadcast. It has received high praise from media both domestically and internationally and has garnered significant attention from various sectors of society.

Based on international communication, nurture the fusion of cultures, depicting a diverse landscape of mountains and rivers

Crossing over Mopan Mountain, Ailao Mountain, Wuliang Mountain, passing by the Yuanjiang, Amo River, Bapian River, and Lancang River, the Laotian children participating in the 6th “Hand in Hand” event arrived in their dreamt-of China aboard the China-Laos railway train. During their month-long educational journey, they looked up in awe at the majestic Tiananmen Square flag-raising ceremony, where the five-starred red flag slowly ascended and fluttered in the wind. Atop the vast Great Wall that spans mountains and rivers, young girl Susingpa live-streamed the magnificent scenery to her family far away. In the shimmering beaches of Xiamen, where the sea breeze carries the joy of the children, their dreams set sail. In the ancient city with deep historical roots, Xi’an, young boy Pasugan handcrafted terracotta warriors and horses… At this moment, the Belt and Road Initiative welcomes new friends once again. History intertwines with the present, creating a complete picture of China.

This is the cultural journey depicted in the documentary “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments,” and it’s also the path where Laotian children dream. Pasugan meticulously drew smiles on the mist-covered train window. He said, “The drawings will fade as the mist clears, but they symbolize a beautiful memory we left behind before returning home.” Pei Lingda, who began learning Chinese at the age of three, repeatedly emphasized the phrase “very happy” when recalling the details of the journey.

Camel bells toll across the ages, marking a new chapter in cultural cooperation. “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments” employs distinct regional cultures from across China as its narrative backdrop, interwoven with historical and cultural touchpoints related to Laos. This not only showcases the longstanding friendly relations between the two nations but also emphasizes the ongoing and continuous cultural exchanges. Audiences, guided by the perspectives of the children, journey from Laos to explore the vast and boundless beauty of China. The bridge of connectivity, from its inception to its prosperity, culminates in the present-day development of the “Belt and Road” initiative. As the influence of cultural programs grows in the process of cultural “going global,” “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments” stands as a vivid testament, utilizing documentary international dissemination to promote cultural exchanges.

Explore content innovation, using ordinary individuals to reflect overarching themes, telling heartwarming stories of China

Regarding different cultural relationships, the renowned sociologist Mr. Fei Xiaotong once said, “Each has its own beauty; appreciate the beauty in others; share mutual beauty; and aim for a harmonious world.” The beauty of “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments” not only lies in its realistic portrayal of Chinese culture but also in its depiction of the genuine emotions of Laotian children. The warm and lively cinematic language, coupled with subtle emotional observations, becomes a distinctive feature of “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments.”

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Su Songpa, the girl who loves painting, drew along the journey, with her small sketchbook capturing everything she saw and heard. At the end of her travels, she left her artworks with friends she met in China as mementos, saying, “(Even though we) may not keep in touch, I will still miss everyone.” With a curiosity to explore the world, the boy, Pasugan, expressed his reflections: “Time passes by so quickly, like a dream. This was an orange dream, because my favorite color is orange.”

Whether it’s the tender artworks that weave through the journey or the childlike words imbued with dreamy colors, the emotional expression of “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments” deeply resonates. Adolescents are pivotal ambassadors in the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures. This documentary effectively tells the Chinese story from a child’s perspective, firmly adhering to the belief that “small details can convey grand themes, and small stories can reflect profound emotions.” It represents a fresh exploration within its genre and theme, paving the way for broader program innovations in content creation.

Building the “Belt and Road” together, railways connect hearts, reflecting the shared destiny between China and Laos

2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Over the past decade, the “Belt and Road” has evolved into a widely embraced international public good and a platform for international cooperation. As one of the five key areas of the “Belt and Road” development, the mutual understanding of hearts and minds plays a pivotal role in the initiative. The “heart-to-heart” connection between the peoples of China and Laos is inseparable from the “physical connection” provided by the China-Laos Railway.

As a continuous physical thread throughout the documentary “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments,” through the China-Laos Railway, Pei Lingda, who had never seen the sea before, also had the opportunity to connect with the ocean. She could freely run on golden beaches, feel the gentle sea breeze on her face, and listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. The genuine longing between the young people of China and Laos can also traverse the vast mountains and rivers to reach distant places. Songma Benshena, the Vice Chairman of the Lao National Assembly who participated in the construction of the China-Laos Railway, could see a younger version of himself during his study days in Beijing from the railway sleepers and steel tracks.

At the recently held inaugural “Liangzhu Forum,” President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message emphasizing, “Mutual respect, unity, harmony, and coexistence are the right path for the development of human civilization.” Through the international cooperation under the “Belt and Road” framework and the development of infrastructure like the China-Laos Railway, it promotes mutual respect and trust politically between the two countries, mutual benefits economically, and mutual understanding culturally. Through the portrayal in “The Memory Of All The Blissful Moments,” viewers can deeply feel that the construction of a shared destiny community between China and Laos is based on mutual peace, cooperation, openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation. It signifies an enhanced exchange, mutual learning, and a collaborative effort to write a new chapter in constructing the future of humanity. As plants thrive and green mountains are within reach, from now on, “mountains are no longer high, and roads are no longer long.”

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