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Octa’s compelling Ramadan 2023—Memories which become templates for the future

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 27 March 2024 – It is time to recall all the Ramadan initiatives the international broker Octa has launched and curated throughout the last year.


Charity plays a decisive role during the holy month of Ramadan, and Octa actively participated in it.

Naturally, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a religiously significant period for any Muslim believer. So, with the explicit inspiration of Octa’s motivated regional partner organisations, noteworthy social projects could be lifted off the ground in many Muslim communities—in most cases, these undertakings have already been done and executed several years in a row.

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria are the three countries with the most vibrant Ramadan activity regarding these Ramadan charity projects.

Keeping the order, Indonesia became the home of two 4-day training workshops for teachers from up to ten schools. The charity organisation Yayasan Tunas Aksara was the driving force behind this unique children’s education programme.

Octa’s brand ambassador, Andre Rizky, further enriched this project with his own workshop on financial literacy.

What’s especially noteworthy about Malaysia is Octa sponsoring projects that provided dozens of Malaysian learning centres with access to a school management system, a gamified learning platform, and Google for Education.

Ideas Academy—a frequent partner of Octa’s—was the organiser of this project. It basically consisted of furthering the digitalisation of 1,012 learning centres for refugees and underprivileged students in Malaysia to support pushing their education forward. Through this particular initiative, a novel and exciting workshop format emerged. That way, an online learning path on financial literacy in the modes of Ideas Academy’s fruitful “self-study” approach became feasible.

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Arriving in Nigeria, Octa provided 1,444 Muslims with free and nutritious meals throughout the five-week Ramadan fast—amounting to 288 portions per week, handed out to those in dire need. This decision to make it precisely 1,444 meals was in recognition of the actual 1,444th anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s migration to the city of Medina. The broker mainly depended on partnering with local mosques’ leaders to accomplish those charitable feats.

It should go without saying that Ramadan has become somewhat of a tradition in Octa’s charitable engagements. During 2024, the fintech company will endeavour to extend its reach and social impact even more—keeping its frequent collaborators and seeking out new ones.
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is an international broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charity and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities.

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