OpenseedVC, a new venture capital firm, is taking a unique approach to backing startups in Africa and Europe. Their focus? Founders with deep operational experience – the “operators” who have been in the trenches and understand the challenges of building a company.

Why Operator Founders Matter

  • Founder-market fit is crucial: Founders with relevant experience have a better shot at understanding their target market and building successful businesses.
  • Data shows the advantage: Studies indicate a lack of expertise is a significant factor in failed VC investments. Operator founders tend to have a higher success rate.
  • Operator VCs show promise: While not definitive, research suggests that VCs with operational experience outperform traditional investors.

OpenseedVC’s Approach

  • First-mover advantage in Europe and Africa: While operator VCs are common in Silicon Valley, OpenseedVC is among the first to apply this model in Europe and Africa, where only 8% of VC firms are led by former operators.
  • $10 million fund for early-stage startups: OpenseedVC’s first close has secured “well into the millions,” with fundraising ongoing to reach the full $10 million.
  • Focus on pre-seed and early-stage investments: OpenseedVC targets startups at the very beginning of their journey, providing crucial seed capital and guidance.
  • Checks up to $150,000: OpenseedVC offers funding to kickstart promising ventures in key areas: the future of commerce (B2B software, AI, fintech), the future of work (productivity), and digital health.
  • Open application process: Founders can apply directly without needing an introduction, ensuring a wider reach for potential investments.

OpenseedVC understands that funding is just one piece of the puzzle. They offer a network of over 50 experienced operators to provide mentorship and support to their portfolio companies. This network focuses on four key areas:

  • Software Engineering: Experts who can advise on building teams, infrastructure design, and talent recruitment.
  • Product Development: Guidance on product strategy and creating solutions that resonate with the target market.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Assistance with developing effective marketing and sales plans to reach customers.
  • People and Talent Management: Support in building high-performing teams and fostering a positive company culture.
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OpenseedVC recognizes the importance of a diversified portfolio. They actively seek to invest in startups with female co-founders, striving for a 50/50 gender balance. Additionally, they focus on geographical and industry diversification to create a well-rounded portfolio.

OpenseedVC aims to support at least 60 startups across Africa and Europe over the next five years. Their unique focus on operator founders and early-stage investment positions them to play a critical role in fostering the growth of innovative startups in these regions. With a strong emphasis on diversity and a network of experienced operators, OpenseedVC is well-positioned to empower the next generation of successful tech ventures.

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