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SHENZHEN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 2 September 2021 – OPPO has launched their ‘Fast Campaign–1 Hour Flash Fix Service’ in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Morocco to provide faster phone repair service experience to their phone users.

Since the introduction of ‘1 Hour Flash Fix Service’ in 2019, OPPO has made it possible for users to have their phones repaired as quickly as one hour or less at the OPPO Service Center that supports Flash Fix service. The upgraded after-sales initiative aims to elevate customer’s experience under OPPO’s service motto “care what you care, within your reach” which empowers users to get their phones repaired within a short period of time.

The ‘Fast Service Campaign’ has two core components where in August 2021, OPPO’s customers are encouraged to provide feedback after experiencing the Flash Fix service as ‘1 Hour Experience Officers’ and in July, the company launched a month-long online contest that aimed at improving their technical engineers’ skills and motivating them to provide fast and high-quality repair service to the phone users.

During the ‘1 Hour Experience Officer Project’, for customers who came to OPPO Service Center to repair their phones and went through the ‘1 Hour Flash Fix Service’, they would be invited to play a role as 1 Hour Experience Officers and share their experience or suggestions. OPPO regards customers’ feedback as the backbone to the brand’s commitment to improving their after-sales service for a better customer experience.

OPPO invested in training their technical engineers with professional skills to provide this high-quality fast repair service. To this end, OPPO held a month-long contest online in July where a total of 1348 OPPO technical engineers from around the world participated to enhance their service capabilities to meet the increasingly diversified needs of users. The contest examined the engineer’s skills in the welding completion process and the use of corresponding tools through the theoretical examination, phone disassembly, troubleshooting practice, and interview. And finally, OPPO is proud to announce that KRISHNARAJ.R from India, with 5-year experience in the company, stood out after three rounds of competition.

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OPPO will uphold the core manifesto “Care & Reach” and constantly strive to provide trustworthy service throughout users’ experience journey by delivering a human-centric experience that surpasses customer expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology.

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