Oracle Corporation announced plans to establish a new regional data center in Nairobi, Kenya. This marks the second such facility for the company in Africa, following the opening of the Johannesburg Cloud Region in South Africa.

The move underlines Oracle’s commitment to the continent and its aim to accelerate the digital transformation of Kenyan government institutions, businesses, startups, and educational entities. Leveraging Kenya’s renewable energy and extensive digital infrastructure, the data center will offer Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services to meet the growing demand within the region.

“The planned public cloud region in Nairobi underscores our dedication to Africa and supporting the digital transformation journey across the continent,” said Scott Twaddle, Senior Vice President of Product and Industries, at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “OCI provides a secure and scalable platform for driving innovation and transformation, and we are confident it will benefit numerous organizations in Kenya.”

President William Ruto welcomed the announcement, highlighting the potential impact on job creation and access to technology for Kenyan citizens. “We are excited to see major technology companies like Oracle investing in Kenya and bringing cutting-edge technologies that will benefit our citizens,” he stated.

The data center aligns with Kenya’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, which prioritizes digital transformation, private sector development, and various modernization initiatives. Communication Secretary Elijah Owalo emphasized the project’s value in supporting these goals.

“Oracle’s decision to establish a public cloud region in Nairobi represents a significant step forward in Kenya’s digital transformation journey,” Owalo said. “This initiative will contribute to increased access to education, opportunities, and business potential for our citizens.”

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Rishon Chimboza, Managing Director for Africa at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, commended the collaboration and its potential impact. “TBI will continue to support the Kenyan government and Oracle to implement an approach that accelerates the ambitions and demands of Kenyans,” he stated.

The new data center is expected to enhance Kenya’s digital infrastructure and offer businesses and organizations access to advanced cloud services, contributing to the country’s overall economic development.

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