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Orient Europharma Launches Two Premium Skin Boosters Aimed to Deliver the Diamond Feel Skin® Result to Consumers

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 30 September 2021 – The term “Working from Home” is no longer foreign to us as we have pivoted quickly to adapt to this new working lifestyle since early last year. With the increased usage of video conferences for virtual meetings and gatherings, it is important that we pay extra attention to our complexion and the condition of our skin now more than ever.

Many people are finding different solutions to achieve flawless skin and to boost confidence at the same time. Understanding this, Orient Europharma Malaysia (OEP MY) is excited to introduce two Premium skin boosters into aesthetic market – the Diamond Feel Forte and Dermal Sign E+. Developed in Korea, these products are loved by celebrities and K-pop stars alike and have been listed in more than 20 countries worldwide as the number one choice of skin booster brand. Malaysian can now also enjoy flawless much like our favourite K-Pop stars. The products are administered by aesthetic doctors as a combination treatment for up to three to four sessions with an interval of two weeks. After completion of the treatment, skin will appear plumper, brighter, more hydrated and has a rejuvenated effect that gives out a diamond-like aura.

Diamond Feel Forte contains 67 active ingredients and is a total solution for skin problems. It delivers the most optimal results for improving moisturization and fine lines by using semi cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Scars are healed using plant stem cells extract and Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), which is a DNA extracted from salmon and can accelerate the healing process of skin. Skin condition is boosted using booster collagens by growth factors, peptides and amino acids. By using Diamond Feel Forte, clinical studies have shown that the product boosts collagen production by 256% and is able to perform healing effects by 78% after three days of the first treatment, while increasing skin moisturizing by 215%, decreasing inflammatory factors by 53% and inhibiting aging factors by 71.6% after six days of the first treatment. With three to four sessions of the treatment, skin will exude a diamond-like glow.

Dermal Sign E+ is a semi cross-linked hyaluronic acid based intensive solution that helps develop outstanding and long-lasting brightening effects for those who are looking for a clearer complexion and pigmentation free skin. This product contains triple brightening ingredients such as glotathione (a water-soluble ingredient), tranexamic acid (a brightening ingredient mainly used in medicine for the therapy of pigmentation) and AA2G (anti-oxidant effect of stabilized Vitamin C). Clinical data shows that Dermal Sign E+ helps reduce the production of melanin (pigmentation) better than Arbutin (a cosmeceutical that fades hyperpigmentation) in a brightening effect test. DermalSign E+ reduces the figure of tyrosinase by 59.5% after the first treatment. Tyrosinase is responsible for the first step in melanin production, thus reducing tyrosinase will significantly improve the appearance of dark spots (pigmentation, melasma, chloasma).


 “I am thrilled to introduce these two excellent products to consumers and aesthetic doctors in Malaysia. Treatments using the Diamond Feel Forte and Dermal Sign E+ are only available at authorized aesthetic clinics, where trained professional aesthetic doctors and consultants will advise clients for the best treatment plan based on the condition of their skin. Both newly launched products have been scientifically tested, safe, effective and Muslim-friendly. Clients will be able to notice a smoother and brighter complexion after only three to four times of treatments,” says Head of Anti-aging Business of Orient Europharma Malaysia, Ms Iris Lin.

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TV host, actress and radio DJ Linda Onn is the first celebrity to try out Diamond Feel Forte and DermalSign E+ combination treatment. “As a public figure, appearance is very important. In the past, we have assistants to ensure that we are presentable at all times but with the ongoing pandemic, things have been changing. Being a mother to a young child also keeps me on my toes and I may have also neglected my skin a little bit. I was given the opportunity to try the new treatment and after only a month of treatment, my complexion is now more radiant, youthful and hydrated,” commented Linda.


The Diamond Feel Forte and DermalSign E+ combination treatment requires three to four sessions in two-week intervals, with a maintenance period of every six months based on skin conditions. The treatment is priced at RM 2,500 for each session and consumers can get a discounted package price for RM 6,000 for four sessions (total saving of RM 4,000). The combination treatment is now available at Sliq Clinic, Xeoul Clinic, Nextmed Clinic, X Infinity Clinic, Lara Clinic, Yuri Clinique, Dr Nazelia Clinic, B&Co Clinic, Klinik Dia Raissa, Klinik Dr Diana, Bright Clinic, M Touch Clinic, Cellesis Clinic, Calla Aesthetic, Infinity Clinic by Dr Nadz, Regalion Clinic, Kaiteki Clinic, Anggun Medi-Klinik and other authorized aesthetic clinics. Come to your aesthetic doctors to experience the secret of Diamond Feel skin® of K-pop stars! 



List of authority Aesthetic Clinic Outlets:

Clinic Name


Contact Number

Sliq Clinic

Ara Damansara


KL Eco City


Xeoul Clinic



Nextmed Clinic

Petaling Jaya




Setia Alam


X Infinity Clinic

Sunway Geo Avenue


Kota Damansara


Lara Clinic

Shah Alam


Yuri Clinique

Setia Alam




Dr Nazelia Clinic

Shah Alam


Alor Setar


B&Co Clinic

The Garden, KL

0 19-669 9239

Klinik Dia Raissa

Seremban 2


Klinik Dr Diana


018-268 3774

Bright Clinic

Sunway Geo Avenue


M Touch Clinic

Bukit Jalil

017-320 2168

Cellesis Clinic

Sri Hartamas

018-988 3168

Regalion Clinic



Kota Damansara


Kaiteki Clinic

Bukit Jalil


Anggun Medi-Klinik

Wangsa Maju


Shah Alam




Calla Aesthetic



Infinity Clinic by Dr. Nadz

Kuala Lumpur

011-2781 1007

About Orient Europharma Malaysia (OEP MY)

Orient EuroPharma Malaysia (OEP MY) – one of the most reliable companies in domestic market was established in 1997, a subsidiary of Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. (OEP). Aside from prescription medicines, OEP MY has expanded its business across nutricare (Karihome) and aesthetic fields. OEP MY aesthetic team aims to bring premier, high quality and breakthrough products from worldwide to the high-end consumers in Malaysia through aesthetic doctors.


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