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Kenyan payments platform Pesaflow and digital titan Visa have announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize digital payments within the Kenyan government. This collaboration promises to significantly enhance the efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity of public services while promoting financial inclusion for all Kenyans.

Pesaflow, a subsidiary of Webmasters Kenya (creators of the eCitizen portal), boasts a platform that provides a single citizen profile and convenient access to over 5,000 services from more than 100 government entities. Their solutions not only streamline service delivery but also offer a reliable means for collecting public payments.

By leveraging Visa’s extensive network and robust security infrastructure, Pesaflow aims to elevate its services to the next level. The partnership will focus on creating user-friendly digital payment systems, including digital and virtual cards, and secure gateway services. This will empower citizens with multiple payment options and simplify the government’s tax collection process, leading to improved financial management, cost reductions, and ultimately, better public services.

“We’re delighted to partner with Pesaflow, a pioneering fintech firm, to revolutionize the landscape of digital payments within the public sector,” said Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Country Manager, Visa Kenya. “Together, we aim to ensure accessibility, security, and efficiency, while driving financial inclusion and transforming how transactions are managed.”

This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in Kenya’s digital transformation journey. By combining Pesaflow’s local expertise with Visa’s global reach and technology, the collaboration holds immense potential to improve the lives of millions of Kenyans through accessible, secure, and efficient government services.

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