You can now post voice notes on your WhatsApp status. Users can now post up to 30 seconds of recorded audio on their WhatsApp statuses, giving them a new way to express themselves. This feature is great for those who prefer to communicate through voice rather than text, as it provides a more personal touch.

How to Post Voice Notes On your WhatsApp Status

  1. Open Your WhatsApp
  2. Navigate to the Status tab
  3. Click on the microphone-looking icon under the status bar.
  4. Record up to 30-second status updates
  5. Share

The Status feature was introduced nearly six years ago and has been constantly evolving to enhance the user experience. With this latest update, WhatsApp is introducing new features that will give users even more ways to communicate while safeguarding privacy.

Emoji Reactions

Users can now react to a Status update using emojis, making it quick and easy to express their feelings without having to send a message or create an original reaction. To send an emoji reaction, users simply need to swipe up on a Status and select from one of the eight emoji provided. This feature is especially useful for those who want to quickly show their support or appreciation for a friend’s update.

New Ring for Status Profile

Status updates are now more noticeable thanks to a new ring that will encompass the Status profile. This makes it easier for users to identify when new updates are available and provides a more visually appealing look to the Status feature.

Link Previews

Link previews are now available with URLs that are posted in Status. This gives users a small preview of what to expect before clicking on the link, making it easier for them to decide whether or not to click on it. This feature is especially useful for those who want to share links with their friends, as it ensures that they are fully aware of the content before clicking

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