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Pretty Beauty Introduces the Latest Trending Korean Beauty Device

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 June 2023 – The technological development and introduction of Hong Kong’s beauty industry is comparatively slower than that of other countries – many of the latest beauty technologies are often introduced in Hong Kong beauty salons only after a considerable period of time. In recent years, the most popular “pore reduction” and “whitening” treatments in Hong Kong will often be carried out by beauty equipment with high-energy output, and the desired results can be achieved after the completion of the treatment. However, the skin texture may slowly wane and age with time and the number of treatments.

With the observation on the stagnant development of the industry, Pretty Beauty introduced the LDM skin cell regeneration treatment of the latest trending beauty device in Korea: The LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration Device developed by Germany. Using the latest beauty technology to stimulate cell regeneration from the root, the treatment recovers damaged cells while simultaneously firming the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and restoring elasticity. In around 28 days, the skin rejuvenates, and youth is restored.

The Mega Hit in the Korean Beauty Industry

LDM® (“Local Dynamic Micro-Massage”) Skin Cell Regeneration Device is a new generation of beauty device developed by Wellcomet Technology in Germany, combining the three principles of thermal energy, biochemistry, and kinetic energy. With the rapid alternation of different ultrasonic frequencies, it regulates the decomposition of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), enhances the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and heat shock proteins (HSPs). Lymphatic and blood circulation are improved, making the skin naturally filled. This is currently the most trending beauty treatment in Korea. It has gone viral and can be easily found on different social platforms with reviews and recommendations. And now it is brought to you by Pretty Beauty, leading the latest beauty technology to Hong Kong’s beauty industry.

A Completely Painless German Beauty Technology

In the past, there is certain level of pain during the beauty treatments, and some high-energy beauty treatments, such as HIFU, which may cause mild damage, redness and swelling of the skin for a certain period of time. The biggest feature of LDM Skin Cell Regeneration Device is that it is completely painless, non-invasive, able to deeply penetrate to the skin without any side effects. The redness and swelling after treatment are minimum, and the treatment is highly compatible with other beauty treatments. Along with high-intensity beauty treatment, the LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration treatment facilitates the recovery of cells damaged due to high energy treatment, while maintaining cell health and vitality. Different skin problems can be resolved fundamentally.

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New Technology; New Energy to the Industry

With the substantial number of beauty salons in Hong Kong and the constant influx of new joiner into the industry, while lagging to other countries in the level of beauty technology, Pretty Beauty’s vision is to continuously introduce new beauty technology and equipment, leading Hong Kong’s beauty industry to the next level.

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About Pretty Beauty Group

Pretty Beauty Group was established in the year of 1985. It has been specialising in beauty and body shaping services for 38 years. It has rich experiences in the beauty industry and is the first to introduce the latest technology and equipment from time to time! Pretty Beauty Group currently has 16 branches in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing professional, safe, reliable and attentive beauty and slimming experience for ladies who love beauty. To learn more about beauty, skin, and body shape treatments, please visit .

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