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Pretty Beauty: Summer Skin Aging Stops Today with 10 THERA HIFU

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 1 September 2022 – While enjoying the summer sun in sunbathing and all kinds of water activities, our skin is exposed to a great amount of UVA and UVB rays. Even if you think sufficient sun protection has been done, the moisture of the skin is stealthily drained, resulting in aging conditions like fine lines and wrinkles. Pretty Beauty protects the health of the skin even in the summer time by strengthening the regenerative vitality of the skin. In this summer, Pretty Beauty introduced the world’s first dual-linear simultaneous output of 10THERA HIFU for the reduction of wrinkles and the tightening and lifting of the facial contour. Your skin can be rejuvenated and energized once again.

“10THERA”: The Solution to Skin Aging and The Elixir to Youth Recovery

Pretty Beauty has introduced the 10 THERA from TENTECH in South Korea. It is the world’s first dual-linear HIFU equipment which greatly shortens the time required compared to the mono-linear HIFU. High-energy focused ultrasonic technology is used to conduct thermal energy of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius to stimulate the regeneration of elastic fibers and collagen fibers. Along with the fine 4.5 mm and 3.00 mm probes, it penetrates deep into the fascia layer and dermis layer. The focused heat fixates on designated points and eventually all areas of the face are taken care of.

Precise heating of the fascia layer with a 4.5 mm probe tightens and firms the skin to achieve a more three-dimensional facial contour. In addition, the 3.00mm probe brings thermal energy directly to the dermal tissue below the surface layer, triggering the activity of elastomer cells and collagen. The process effectively tightens the sagging position of the skin, smooths wrinkles, and reduces crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, neck stripes, eye lines along with other fine lines.

10 THERA HIFU doubles the speed of the treatment, instantly achieving contour lifting while minimizing pain in the treatment. Even after the treatment is completed, the residual temperature continues to provide energy to the cells, prolonging the cell growth. Youthful and bouncy skin is restored with just a finger snap!

A Quick and Sustainable Fix to Skin Aging

Facing the fierce summer sun, our skin is burdened with the direct UV exposure on the beach and from all kinds of water activities. Long-term exposure to the sun, UVA rays directly penetrate into the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin, chronically destroying the elastic fibers of the skin. This does not just accelerate the aging of the skin, but also causes skin thickening, sagging, wrinkles and other problems.

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For all the outdoor enthusiasts and water activity lovers, any first-aid skin hydration cannot reverse the aged skin. With Pretty Beauty’s focus and research, the secret of skin aging is now unraveled, providing a quick and effective solution to prevent skin aging and to improve fine line problems. Whether it is dry lines under the eyes and on both sides of nasal area, deep lines, or nasolabial stripes, etc.,the 10 THERA dual-linear output HIFU can remove these problems. It also repels double chins, tightens the face skin, maintains firmness, and reduces the damage caused by sunlight and UV rays.

Safely Customized a Treatment for You with Care

Pretty Beauty believes that each customer is unique, while staying committed to customer-focused service in order to meet the different beauty needs of customers. A tailor-made and exclusive treatment plan is designed only after thorough pre-treatment consultation with the client.

As a beauty expert in Hong Kong for 37 years, Pretty Beauty has been keeping up with the global beauty trends by introducing the most advanced overseas beauty technology and equipment, and providing regular training for staff to ensure that all treatments comply with safety standards and hygiene regulations. It is because Pretty Beauty only offers the safest and the most reliable beauty treatments to our clients.

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Pretty Beauty Group has been specializing in beauty and body shaping services for 37 years. It has rich experiences in the beauty industry and is the first to introduce the latest technology and equipment from time to time! Pretty Beauty Group currently has 16 branches in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing professional, safe, reliable and attentive beauty and slimming experience for ladies who love beauty. To learn more about beauty, skin, and body shape treatments, please visit .

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