Sony just unveiled the PlayStation 5 (PS5) a few weeks ago and is getting ready to release the consoles to shelves in the next few months.

Gamers who will pick up a PlayStation 5 when it hits shelves in November will need to buy more storage space as they will struggle to store more than a few games on their console at a time.

That’s because Game titles on Sony’s high-powered machine will take up as much as 105GB of hard drive space, according to official pre-order pages.

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The download sizes of some of the console’s games were revealed in a report from TechRadar.

Sony recently began displaying the file sizes of PS5 launch titles, allowing gamers to see how much space they’ll need to download them.

The pre-order version of Spiderman: Miles Morales will take up a minimum of 105GB of hard drive space

The official pre-order page for Spiderman: Miles Morales, for instance, lists that the game alone will take up “105GB minimum”  approximately 12pc of the PS5’s total hard drive space.

Meanwhile, the Demon’s Souls pre-order page indicates that the game will come in at ’66 GB minimum.’


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