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if you’re among the few fortunate Playstation 5 (PS5) owners, you may have just now got the ability to use Sony’s Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature to address the problem of screen tearing at higher refresh rates.

If you use Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, this is addressed via support for AMD FreeSync technology which is a basic standard for most gaming monitors.

The PS5 recently received support for VRR and the console is constantly working to provide VRR compatibility to the majority of its games.

What is VRR?

VRR is an adaptive display technology that is used to counter the problem of screen tearing. The issue is common in games and happens when the refresh rate of your monitor or TV is not able to match up with the in-game frames per second (FPS). VRR can effortlessly change the refresh rate of the display on the fly while matching the in-game FPS.

Given the PS5 as the next-generation PlayStation console successfully implemented 120Hz support for numerous games, it became more vulnerable since higher refresh rates are significantly affected. This is because screen tearing appears when there is a larger scale for the imbalance between display refresh rate and in-game FPS.

With VRR, You can now enjoy 120Hz while the visuals are undisturbed and pixel perfect.

How to use PS5 VRR?

First, you must have a display — TV or monitor — that supports VRR. Most displays support AMD FreeSynch Technology, but VRR support is still quite rare. One good TV is the TCL 55C728, you can read my first impressions here. TVs and monitors with VRR must have support for HDMI 2.1.

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An added advantage is a display that supports 120Hz, duh.

To turn on VRR, you will not need to update your console. Just look for the VRR option in settings. Within settings, go to Video Output – Screen and Video – VRR.

If you don’t see it, just restart your console. Keep in mind the feature is also just now getting slowly rolled out.

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