Radio Garden App Lets You Travel The World Virtually Via Radio

radio garden

Being on the internet means we stumble upon new things every other day. Today, I found myself on a new website on the Internet called Radio Garden. Curious, very similar to Google Earth in appearance, Radio Garden is a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed from 2013 to 2016, by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to narrow the boundaries from the radio.

The UI is three-dimensional (3D) geolocation, where the user navigates through a representation of the globe, streaming broadcasts of local radio stations. The website allows the user to explore the world in real-time by simply rotating the globe. It also provides information on the country where the signal is being transmitted.

As you can see I’m currently on a small island in the Indian Ocean to the right of Madagascar called Réunion Island, where I’m listening to radio Pikan, it’s a french radio station so I can’t tell what they are saying, the music is fire though!

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With another spin and click, I can listen to Nanook Fm in Greenland. Greenland is the world’s largest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

“The main idea is to help radio makers and listeners connect with distant cultures and re-connect with people from home and thousands of miles away.”

Radio Garden is also available as a free app for iPhones and Android devices.

How Radio Garden Works:

As I mentioned earlier, the app displays a 3D globe of the world with satellite imagery. As you rotate and travel the globe virtually, the screen is covered by thousands of little green dots, each dot represents a different station.

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Pressing on any of the dots initializes a station in the region to begin playing live.

The Radio Garden team says they’re updating the “garden” daily by planting seeds (connecting more stations).

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