Ranking of African countries on average cost of 1GB: Somalia First

Somalia has ranked as the 7th country in the world and the first in Africa where the cost of 1GB of the internet is the cheapest

The cost in this country is Sh53 ($0.50) on average, according to data collected on 238 nations worldwide by in its “Worldwide mobile data pricing: The cost of 1GB of mobile data in 228 countries” study.

Somalia comes first in Africa, making huge progress in the space of 12 months. Last year, the country was 134th worldwide and 37th on the continent with a cost of Sh662($6.19) for 1 GB.

Apart from Somalia, the only other Sub-Saharan countries near the top ten are Sudan (13th) Reunion (22nd) and Tanzania (23rd).

Kenya, which was termed ‘Silicon Savannah’ for the longest time ranked ninth in Africa and 41st globally, trailing its eastern Africa neighbors.

The study revealed that Kenya registered a drop in internet costs to only Sh112 this year up from Sh114 last year

In Africa, Somalia is followed by Sudan at position 13, Algeria 15th, Reunion 22nd, Tanzania 23rd, Ghana 34th, Western Sahara 36th, Morocco 37th, Kenya, Mayotte 44th, Egypt 45th while Djibouti closed the top 50 indexes at position 48.

Citizens in these countries pay Sh68, Sh70, Sh77, Sh101, Sh106, Sh106, Sh112, Sh116, Sh117, and Sh121 for every 1GB of mobile data on average, respectively

While Somalia makes massive progress, five of the ten most expensive countries to buy mobile data are in sub-Saharan Africa.

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