realme’s Sky Li has teased the company’s upcoming 5th Anniversary Product in an open letter to realme fans. Li said that the product will be a “leap forward” for the company and will showcase realme’s latest technological innovations.

the Founder and CEO announced the upcoming “Leap Up” five-year anniversary press conference, where the company will unveil its five-year “Leap-Forward Climbing Plan” and launch its “5th Anniversary Leap Up Product.”

In the open letter to realme fans, Li said that the company has achieved incredible growth in its first five years, but that it is not resting on its laurels. He said that realme will continue to “Dare to Leap” and strive to achieve the impossible.

Li said that the company’s “Leap-Forward Climbing Plan” will focus on six key areas: Display, Imaging, Gaming, Charging, Chipset, and Craftsmanship. He said that realme will invest heavily in research and development in these areas to create products that exceed expectations.

Li also said that realme will continue to expand its global footprint and reach new markets. He said that the company is committed to becoming a truly global brand.

The “5th Anniversary Leap Up Product” is expected to be a major flagship smartphone that will showcase realme’s latest technological innovations. The product is expected to be launched at the “Leap Up” press conference on July 20, 2023.

The “Leap Up” press conference is a major event for realme and its fans. It will be a chance for the company to showcase its achievements and its plans for the future. It will also be a chance for realme to introduce its latest products to the world.

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