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Rentokil Initial launches Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) Solution for complete indoor and outdoor mosquito protection

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 November 2021 – Rentokil Initial Singapore has introduced an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) Solution for indoor and outdoor protection, designed to provide better efficacy and protection for both people and our planet. With the IMM Solution, Rentokil Initial aims to play an important role in protecting the nation as well as the environment’s health, by minimizing the use of harmful chemicals that adversely impact the planet and our exposure to harmful chemicals.

In Singapore, mosquito-borne diseases are of concern to us all. We need protection from them- whether indoors or outdoors. Year to date, in Singapore, more than 4,169 dengue[1] cases have been reported this year. Therefore, addressing mosquito control remains a top concern among the public.

Through research at Rentokil Global Research and Development Centre, Rentokil has developed the IMM solution that is holistic, effective and a greener way to control mosquitoes- using chemicals only when absolutely necessary. Rentokil pest experts help identify risk areas and hotspots with all 4 stages- exclusion (preventing mosquito entry as far as possible), restriction (eliminating breeding areas), treatment (innovative eco-solutions to destroy mosquitoes), and monitoring (ensuring control measures work effectively).

One of the most common ways to deal with mosquitoes outdoors is fogging. Rentokil offers water-based fogging which is effective, safe, environmentally friendly and virtually odorless. It doesn’t produce carbon emissions (as oil-based fogging does), thereby reducing air pollution. Fogging, though effective, doesn’t provide 24-hour protection- as the effects of fogging may last up to an hour. Additionally, fogging is toxic to pollinators such as butterflies and bees. This adversely impacts the ecosystem as more than 75% of the world’s crops depend on these pollinators.

To overcome these 2 issues, Rentokil introduces In2Care- an effective, eco-friendly, solution that effectively targets all stages of the mosquito life cycle thereby reducing the need for fogging. Additionally, it effectively controls mosquitoes, without adversely affecting the environment or killing our pollinators. This mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes ready to lay eggs and infects the mosquito with a bio-active that kills the mosquitoes but also any larvae it comes into contact with. This is very effective in controlling mosquitoes in even hard-to-reach places.

To control mosquitoes indoors- Rentokil suggests the Mosclean- which helps to eliminate mosquitoes without the use of any harmful chemicals. This solution is safe for all the family- especially infants and young children. The Mosclean indoor mosquito trap utilizes efficient UV LED light to attract mosquitoes into the trap. It is an environmentally friendly way to control adult mosquitoes without the use of gas and chemicals. The trap includes a container to exhaust inlet air to dehydrate trapped mosquitoes. This provides 24-hour indoor protection and is also effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes.

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Dr. Su Yee Lim (PhD. Entomology), Technical Director of Rentokil Initial Singapore says,

“Rentokil is committed to green pest control, which means we only use chemicals such as pesticides when absolutely necessary. It means taking a holistic approach to vector and pest removal that looks for the source of the problem and providing a solution before anything is used to eliminate the infestation.

We are committed to helping the environment by thinking about the impact of anything and everything we do. The impact to your family and your property, but also on the surrounding community. With our IMM solution- we look at providing you with effective 24-hour protection from mosquitoes without heavy reliance on chemicals. We eliminate access points, find solutions that work for you, and ensure your home is pest-free with minimal impact to the environment, thereby helping keep your business and home free from mosquito infestations”.

About Rentokil Initial Singapore:

Rentokil, the experts in pest control, have stood for effective control ever since we were founded in 1964 in Singapore. Market leaders in pest control and hygiene in over 80 countries, we have been helping our customers solve their pest and infection control problems with our local team of highly qualified entomologists and technicians.

The Power Centre, our Global Research and Development Centre, drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control. The £2 million investment is designed to bring the company’s scientific and technical expertise under one roof. From digital pest control to non-toxic solutions, innovation is at the core of our business. Our team of pest control experts is made up of Ph.D. qualified scientists with specialisms across zoology and entomology, regulatory, and product development. Collaborating with local technical experts and field technicians, they work tirelessly to refine pest identification, monitoring, and control techniques to support diverse business sectors.

Rentokil Initial Singapore is privileged to receive various awards and accolades as a testimony to achieving service, business, operational and quality excellence. We established high standards of health and safety competency and achieved accolades including bizSAFE Star and are accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Singapore Quality Class. Recently, Rentokil also won the Expat Living Gold Choice award 2021, for best-voted pest control service.


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