Fastest internet speed in kenya
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Mobile provider Safaricom had the highest Speed Score (29.20) and Consistency Score (85.0%) in Kenya during Q3 2021, Airtel takes first runners-up with a Speed score of 17.45 and a consistency of 76.2%.

For fixed broadband, Faiba had the highest Speed Score (26.47) and Consistency Score (48.7%) in Kenya for the second quarter in a row during Q3 2021. Taking runners up was Bluestreak Networks with a speed score of 11.64 and a consistency score of 15.1%. Telkom had a better consistency score of 16.6% but only managed to come 4th in terms of speed (9.52).

The report by Ookla dubbed “Q3 Market Report on the state of Kenya’s mobile and fixed networks” ranked Mombasa the fastest in mean mobile download speed at 27.79 Mbps followed by Nairobi at 24.60 Mbps, Nakuru at 21.60 Mbps, and Kisumu and Eldoret at 19.64 and 19.26 Mbps respectively.

Mombasa had the fastest mean mobile download and upload speeds among Kenya’s most populous cities at 28.25 Mbps and 16.26 Mbps, respectively.

Mombasa overtook Eldoret as the city with the fastest median fixed broadband download speed at 22.61 Mbps during Q3 2021.

Find the full Mobile report here, and the Fixed report here.

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