Just like Live Auction, another infamous pyramid scheme called RichKash has today allegedly lost a lot of Kenyans a lot of money.

If anything on social media is to go by the app was promising Kenyans a big return on investment in no time, but just like others before them, RichKash is a SCAM.

The schemes prowl the anarchic cyber-world, siphoning thousands in shillings from gullible young and idle Kenyans with the promise of easy cash at a time when ‘Working from home’ is the trend.

According to what I have gathered this is how Richkash worked, you join free and get free 200 after joining. You can then grab one order a day while at level 1 and earn Sh 20. Users can, however, upgrade to level 2 and earn Sh122 a day just by doing simple tasks grabbing orders for merchants, and of course the referral program.

I did not understand what orders people were grabbing or how the money was being generated. Try not to makes no sense of it all it actually doesn’t.

Here’s a few social media users lamenting about being scammed:

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