ROAM has launched a new electric Mass Transit Bus, the Roam Rapid designed to address the challenges Kenyans who use public transport in Nairobi face. It offers a solution for the growing number of cities implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems across the continent and is the first of its kind in Kenya.

Previously Opibus, the Swedish-Kenyan-based electric mobility startup recently rebranded to ROAM.

The Roam Rapid can board 90 passengers and allows for ample room, efficient boarding, and disembarking of commuters with both seating and standing areas.

The bus also features priority seats for the elderly and people with limited mobility, extended legroom, designated areas for wheelchairs, and a low-floor entry for easy access.

Roam is trying to create a new perception of public transport by providing a mobility solution that is inclusive, modern, efficient, and sustainable. Roam Rapid also has zero tailpipe emissions and low noise pollution, paving the way for the next-gen public transport system in Africa.

T‍he Roam Rapid has an extended range that enables operators to run their buses for a full day without worrying about charging. The bus is equipped with a 384-kWh battery pack that allows for a range of up to 360 km. The bus can also be fully charged in less than 2 hours through DC charging ports.

The bus is designed to be a robust vehicle with best-in-class carrying capacity, range, and comfort to enable mass adoption of clean transport across the continent. Operational costs can be lowered by up to 50% and the ease of after-sale reduces downtime, enabling higher margins for the operator but also lower costs for the commuters, creating a new standard for transport on the African continent.

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‍The buses will be assembled locally, but also partly manufactured in the region. This is through strong local partners and localization plans.

“The solution Roam brings to the Kenyan market enables us to move people safely, comfortably, and timely in both a sustainable and affordable way. The bus is designed not only to increase comforts and lower cost but more importantly focuses on the well-being of the population through reduced noise pollution and eliminating local emissions, improving air quality for the cities across Africa.”  ‍Dennis Wakaba, Project Coordinator, Roam states.

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