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RockFlow Launching “Baby Bull & Baby Bear”, Making Options Trading Simpler

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 5 September 2022 – Recently, RockFlow ( ), the one-stop investment platform for Gen-Z, has launched its latest innovative stock options product – Baby Bull & Baby Bear. The product signifies the fact that RockFlow has once again lowered the investment threshold, one solid step toward providing reliable and fun investment services for the new generation of investors.


Dissatisfying with the arms race on “zero commissions” among brokers, RockFlow wishes to keep innovating on the product side and this time, RockFlow’s “BabyBull & Baby Bear” has made options trading simpler.

“Baby Bull & Baby Bear”, an innovative stock option product

RockFlow was founded in July 2021, and headquartered in Singapore, it is a Financial Service Provider registered in New Zealand. At the end of 2021, RockFlow announced its 10 million Angel Round fundraising led by BlueRun Ventures and some other private equity firms. In actual practice, the cross-industry background of its team and the ability to innovate with AI technology have let RockFlow not just satisfied with innovation in trading, but also with investment products, allowing financial derivatives that are used to belong to institutions and high-net-worth clients can be accessible to retail investors.

Stock options are the highest earning product in the earning reports of Robinhood in the last two years. In emerging markets such as the SEA region and Middle East region, a new generation of tech-savvy investors have just kindled towards stock and options trading, but the traditional user interface of options trading platforms is complex and cumbersome, adding unnecessary difficulties for users to trade options. Furthermore, the average retail investor does not have the specialized trading knowledge to best implement their investment ideas with options.

“Baby Bull & Baby Bear” is created to solve these pain points. It combines options and options strategies together and eliminates learning and decision-making costs with product packaging based on users’ investment needs and scenarios. To pick the option products that fit the criteria, investors only need to make a simple judgment on price movement and time expectation.

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Apart from that, RockFlow has also launched “RockFlow Selected”. This is what RockFlow’s investment research team has filtered out for users from various complex financial indicators ( including the targeted option’s profit points, leverage, and expiration date and also the indicators such as trading volume, open interest, Delta, Gamma, IV, and other financial indicators), to help select the best Baby Bull & Baby Bear that are in accord with theoretical economic indicators and practical trading experience, and to help retail investors to simplify the analyzing process.

“Make Investing Simpler”

In comparison to other brokers, RockFlow has a stronger investment research ability. The investment research and financial mathematics team have rich experience in the financial market. They select products with risk-defined and infinite returns to investors through professional options strategies and investment research, saving the hassle of analyzing and filtering processes in complex derivatives.

Therefore, it does not only stop at making trading more straightforward but also aims to help investors to enhance the productivity and quality of trading.

From “buy Tesla with $1” to “baby bull & baby bear”, and from stock trading to Robo-advisory to asset management, RockFlow wishes to leverage the abilities of its team’s financial mathematics innovation and investment research to provide investors with simpler financial products.

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