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The deadline for the latest directive on the registration of SIM cards is nigh and Safaricom has finally decided to offer an online alternative to subbmit your details instead of queuing up to do it personally, but it doesn’t work.

Kenyans have been asking the telco which was just named the top company in Kenya to let them submit the details online but Safaricom had insisted that was illegal.

A Twitter user posted the link revealing the process of verifying your identity. However, trying to upload my details was futile as he was met with the error “Failed! Please upload a clear picture.

Trying to use the link, I also get a few errors. One is about Safaricom being unable to send an OTP to my primary line while the other just says the service is currently unavailable.

Other users are getting the error “The details don’t match, kindly advise the customer to visit a Safaricom shop or contact Safaricom on line 100 for assistance.”

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has said mobile phone subscribers who have registered their SIM cards without providing their photo IDs will be disconnected by April 15.

Hopefully, Safaricom fix the link and customers are able to submit the details, —which they already have— without having to go to physical shops.

Safaricom has not confirmed that the link is indeed new or related to the re-registration.

You can update your SIM registration details for other Telcos online using these portals;

  1. Telkom –
  2.  Airtel –
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