Safaricom (NSE: SCOM) , a leading telecommunications company in Kenya, has announced the launch of its revamped in-country cloud computing platform and services. This move is aimed at assisting businesses and organisations in digitizing their operations, offering flexibility, and resilience to an ever-changing environment.

Powered by VMware Technologies

The new cloud services are hosted in data centers located in Nairobi and Kisumu, powered by VMware technologies. These services allow customers to run their applications with the flexibility to allocate cloud computing capabilities on a single pane of glass. This feature allows customers to purchase cloud computing capabilities in bulk and set up the environment to suit their business application requirements.

A New Era of Possibilities

Cynthia Karuri-Kropac, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Safaricom, stated that this development signifies a new era of possibilities for businesses as a catalyst for innovation and growth. “We believe that by providing businesses with world-class cloud computing capabilities, we empower them to unlock new opportunities, thrive in the digital age, and achieve their growth aspirations more efficiently and cost-effectively,” she said.

Aligning with Digital Transformation Goals

The launch aligns with Safaricom’s commitment to powering possibilities and fostering digital transformation in Kenya. It brings the company closer to its mission of transforming into a purpose-led technology company by the end of 2025.

Benefits for Enterprise Customers

Safaricom’s cloud services will provide enterprise customers with the flexibility to grow their businesses by utilizing computing resources in a scalable manner leveraging OPEX models. It will enable them to run their business from anywhere with highly available access to their operations, thus providing reliable operations to their end customers.

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The cloud services include secure hosting services for business applications while complying with data residency concerns, provision of secure connectivity, and secure payment integrations to business applications hosted securely on the cloud.

A Decade of Cloud Services

Safaricom Cloud as a service was started in 2010 offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with consumption based on Virtual Machines and Managed Service as opposed to Self-Service. The revamped services mark a significant milestone in Safaricom’s journey towards becoming a leading provider of cloud solutions.

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