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Samsung Electronics has been ranked as number one in the electronics/computer category and third Most Admired Brand in Africa, across all categories in the latest Brand Africa 100® list by Geopoll.

This year’s ranking has proven the resilience of brands such as Samsung, despite a challenging year and the extension of the survey to a larger sample of respondents. Additionally, Samsung was recognized as one of the brands with the biggest response to the Covid-19 pandemic on the continent.

Brand Africa is the first and most comprehensive Pan-African study and ranking of brands in Africa. Now in its 11th year, Brand Africa 100 is a consumer-led survey that seeks to establish brand preferences across Africa.

Conducted in 28 countries covering all economic regions in Africa, which collectively account for over 80% of the continent’s population and GDP, it is the most comprehensive survey of brands in Africa. The survey is undertaken by GeoPoll, the leading provider of remote market research solutions in Africa, insights, and analysis by Kantar, the world’s largest information research firm and Brand Leadership, Africa’s premier branding, and reputation advisory firm.

“The fact that a technology brand can rank so high on the overall list is a clear indication of how innovative technology can make our lives better. It is always an honor to be recognized by the people we design our products for. This research validates our ongoing focus on creating products that empower Africans to do more. It is important to note that Samsung has also been recognized as one of the top non-African companies that feel African. This is a result of Samsung’s commitment to listening to local markets and creating products and services that best serve their needs. We are pleased to be a part of the continent’s growth and prosperity, “says Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Africa.

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Samsung’s extraordinary popularity across the continent has been noted over the many years this large-scale survey has been implemented. The company’s overall ranking was powered by its high regional rankings including the 4th most admired brand in the Eastern Africa region, the 3rd most admired in the Northern Africa region, West Africa’s most admired brand, the 2nd most admired in South Africa, and Central Africa’s most admired brand.

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