Roughly 30,000 Samsung employees, represented by the National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), began a three-day strike today in protest of stagnant wages. This marks the first major labor action in Samsung’s 55-year history.

The NSEU is demanding a 6.5% increase in annual compensation and a share of Samsung’s substantial profits. Samsung recently reported a whopping 933% profit increase in Q1 2024 and expects a 15-fold jump in operating profit for Q2 2024. The union also seeks an additional day of annual leave for its members.

Analysts believe the strike’s impact on production may be minimal due to Samsung’s highly automated facilities. However, the potential for extended walkouts and low morale could harm the company in the long run, especially considering the growing importance of AI technology and chip demand.

The NSEU’s Vice President, Lee Hyun-kuk, warns of extended strikes if Samsung fails to meet their demands. While Samsung has offered concessions on pay flexibility and leave, they haven’t budged on profit sharing or bonus structure equality.

Samsung has yet to comment on the strike. Both sides appear entrenched, raising the possibility of a protracted labor dispute.

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