Over the last few years, Samsung has been going neck to neck with the likes of Xiaomi to bring budget smartphones to the Kenyan market and the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G is not any different.

Our review of the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G reveals how the affordable Samsung device compares to other budget devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 in day-to-day usage.

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G Performance and Display

Samsung Galaxy A32 экран

Unlike the competitors, the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G does not perform exceptionally on paper, compared to other devices in the same price range the biggest challenge is the chipset it runs on. You can definitely get better than the Helio G80.

Coming in skeptical was an understatement, I expected nothing exceptional. The Helio G80, however, held up pretty nicely. In my few weeks of use, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G managed to handle my simple everyday tasks like social media scrolling and email reading (can’t believe this is my life now) very comfortably. Samsung has brought flagship software to the device via the One UI and you will definitely notice the smooth animations, speed, and high-end experience.

When put to the test with some more demanding tasks like playing Ark Survival Evolved, the phone stuttered and got very warm. Less demanding games like Call Of Duty Mobile and PUBG were no match for the device though at medium settings.

One thing that was impressive on paper about the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G was the display. I’d get this device for the display alone! You can say I am biased due to my love for One UI over the rest of the Android overlays in the market, but that made the performance on the smartphone all the way better, paired with the 6.4 inch 1080p Super AMOLED display which has a 90Hz refresh rate, normal day use is smooth and you will enjoy browsing through tech-space.africa on the device, and I mean enjoy.

Battery Life

Perks of the less demanding Chipset is longer battery life, The Samsung Galaxy A32 4G is powered by a 5000mAh cell which supports up to 15W fast charging, yet another disappointment with budget devices in the same range offering way faster-charging speeds. But will you ever need that? The Samsung Galaxy A32 4G never once run out of juice for me, I expected the 90Hz to take a toll on the battery life but I’d almost always finish a full day of heavy usage with over 20pc charge left.

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The phone’s imaging system isn’t too shabby, however, coming with a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide, two 5MP Depth and Macro cameras, and a 20MP selfie shooter at the front camera.

The Galaxy A32 4G copes well with strong light and sharp contrast, certainly producing better images than previous A series devices like the A51. Indoors shots can still be a little bit too soft and can be fuzzy for my liking. The device can capably handle fast-moving objects outdoors so no blurry photos.

The ultra-wide of course doesn’t capture as much detail as the main camera, however, it is way better than most competitors in keeping natural-looking colors, there is also a 5MP depth sensor that pumps out some attractive-looking portraits complete with adjustable bokeh backgrounds. Does anyone ever use the macro camera?

The phone is available in 64GB/4GB RAM, 128GB/4GB RAM, 128GB/6GB RAM, 128GB/8GB RAM with a microSDXC dedicated slot to expand your storage for all the large 64MP photos you take on the device.

I realize I have yapped a lot on this review so I will make a dedicated camera review in the coming days. Follow us on our socials: Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to get instant notifications when the review comes out.


Unlike many other smartphones I have reviewed, the phone’s specifications don’t do it justice on paper, and for the price point, the Galaxy A32 4G is a true competitor to other smartphones out right now.

Samsung has managed to bring flagship software to its budget devices and you will definitely enjoy using OneUI 3.1 on the device. With the display panel, magnificent camera, and fairly good performance, compared to paper, the device outperforms and exceeds expectations.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 4G


Brand: Samsung Product: Galaxy A32 4G Key specs: 6.4', sAMOLED 2400x1080, 90 Hz, 5,000mAh, Mediatek Helio G80 Rating: 3/5

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