Samsung Galaxy Note series has been one of the longest-running smartphone series by the firm that, over the years, it has garnered a dedicated crowd and has marked a special place for itself. But off late, with Galaxy S series getting equally strong and other series being introduced such as ‘Galaxy Fold’ and ‘Z Fold’, someone has to make an exit – and it looks like the Galaxy Note will be the one biting the dust.

A report from South Korea states that Samsung is planning to ‘kill’ the Galaxy Note line up as soon as next year and replace it with the Galaxy Fold series instead. And in case you want that ‘S-Pen’ experience, Samsung will include it in next-gen Galaxy S handset, tipped as Galaxy S21. However, the S-Pen support will only be available in just the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Note series launch was rumoured that it’ll be replaced by Galaxy Z Fold starting next year. The Galaxy Fold is a new series of foldable phones by the firm and is getting a dedicated annual launch event. Last year and earlier this month we saw Samsung introducing new Galaxy Fold handsets alongside the Note series.

As for the rumored Galaxy S21, the smartphone series might arrive in the first half of next year. Usually, Samsung launches the refreshed S line up in February-end or March.

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