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The most selling Samsung devices in Africa are from the budget and midrange category, this is because they offer all the smartphone features, albeit not the best, that Africans need at an affordable price including the charger. Now, the trend of stripping chargers from being included with smartphones has caught up with the devices.

Started by Apple, flagship devices no longer include a charging brick in the box. Budget-oriented devices have not been affected yet but that seems to be changing for Samsung, though, as the company has stopped including a charger with its most recent mid-range and low-end affordable Android phones.

According to reports, some European retailers for the Galaxy A23 and Galaxy A13 (4G) don’t list either phone as shipping with a charging brick in the box. In looking to confirm these details, we noticed a footnote on Samsung’s Galaxy A23 press materials page that says the charger is “sold separately.”

The same note is listed with the Galaxy A13, but not the Galaxy M23 or Galaxy M33, suggesting those affordable devices do still ship from Samsung with a charger. For reference, the Galaxy A52’s page also lacks the message, and that device still ships with an included charger.

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Samsung has also confirmed this practice as a standard, listing on its official storefront in the United States that its new budget devices ship without a charging brick.

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This instantly makes budget devices a tad bit more expensive. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment down below.

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