Sankore, an Africa-focused community that helps developers integrate the NEAR blockchain and adopt Web3 technologies in their projects has announced the Pitch Competition Tour (PCT) set to take place in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Sankore has teamed up with CV Labs to support projects that will emerge top in the PCT. The main objective of the PCT is to increase NEAR protocol adoption in blockchain and crypto start-ups in Africa.

The first main physical PCT event will be held at iHub Kenya in Nairobi on the 29th of January. 100 attendees will be at the physical event managing a maximum of 100 start-ups participating in the event. iHub Kenya will also be an activation center on 18th and 19th January.

The winner from the Nairobi PCT will benefit from Sankore’s Incubation Program of three months that will leverage the winner, placing them in the best position to receive a Fast Grant of up to 50K USD.

With respect to inclusivity, Sankore has also set up a hybridized webinar with an expected reach of 5000 people via digital media set to happen one week (22nd Jan 2022, 11 AM EAT) before the main physical event. You can register to attend the online webinar .

Sankore will also host a zoom call on the 29th of January 2022 where developers can share their app with the Sankore Team, community, and VCs for grants, incubation, and mentoring. You can register to pitch .

The event targets Fintech professionals, accountants, and bankers as they are key players in the blockchain space. Academics, college, and university students are also encouraged to participate in the event. Local crypto social media influencers will be critical in the event, to help draw these parties to the competition.

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“if you’re interested, or even remotely interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NEAR Protocol, this is your chance to start learning about these technologies. Blockchain and Crypto startups are encouraged to attend the event, as they create the basis of the competition. The presence of Tech Hubs will be highly appreciated, as their input is critical in this event. Policymakers, both local and national, and especially those well versed with technology and finance, should attend the event, as they will pick tips that will inform their policy-making decisions in technology and finance.” Sankore states.

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