force 4g lte only

For one reason or another, you might have found yourself wanting to force 4G/LTE mode on your smartphone, however, most devices don’t let you do this off the bat, when you head over to the settings menu, there is 2G only, 3G only but no option to select 4G only.

While you can use an app, most are filled with intrusive ads and don’t even work correctly, luckily for Android users, manufacturers have this option included, albeit, a little bit hidden so you will have to tinker with some things.

How to Force 4G LTE Only with Secret Code

  1. Open your phone app (While testing this, I found that the Samsung phone app doesn’t work, to fix this just download Google’s phone app on the Playstore)
  2. Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  3. A testing menu will open, tap on phone information
  4. On ‘select phone index’ choose the sim card slot you want to force 4G LTE on
  5. On ‘set preferred Network Type’ Choose LTE Only
  6. There are other options as well

Please make sure to enable the VoLTE option on your phone before enabling 4G LTE only. If you don’t, or if your smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE you will not be able to receive phone calls. (but you already knew this)

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