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Apple-owned Shazam has rolled out an extension for Chrome users that can be used to identify the song playing in a tab. The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome web store and it can also be pinned just like any other extension.

The extension is free and it also allows you to discover artists, lyrics, and videos on the browser itself, without having to look around for your phone.

On installing the free extension, you can view it in the Chrome extension’s dropdown menu. Clicking on it opens a pop-up that prompts you to “Click to Shazam”. Shazam will then listen to the song that’s playing in the current tab of Chrome to identify the music.

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Users also get the option to play the full song via Apple Music, along with the lyrics. You can also view your Shazam browser song history through the extension.

Apple has only talked about the extension on the Shazam website, and this is because the extension might have some issues. Some users report that the extension does not appear to be working at all, though, for others, it works as expected.

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