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Sink your teeth into the new and improved range of 7-SELECT Sandwiches, made with exclusive Milk Bread and No Added Preservatives!

7-Eleven is taking things up a level and launching a new and improved range of 7-SELECT sandwiches to offer you and your family a tastier, more wholesome option to start the day with. From the bread, fillings, all the way through to the packaging, the 7-SELECT Sandwich range has been completely elevated!

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 16 March 2022 – With all of us striving to lead better lifestyles, we’re always on the lookout for convenient bites on the go that are tasty, wholesome and of good quality! Look no further, 7-Eleven is rolling out an improved range of nine 7-SELECT sandwiches to kickstart your day! Made with exclusive milk bread and using ingredients with no added preservatives, these daily delivered sandos are a simply delicious option to fuel you up day or night. Whether you’re working or studying late, need a snack during recess or a quick breakfast on the run, this new range will be sure to keep you going.

A total makeover inside and out!
The choice of bread can make or break a good sandwich. The 7-SELECT range of sandwiches are made with our own exclusive milk bread. What’s more, the bread used is also preservative free making it a sandwich you and your family will love!

Ingredients in the fillings have also been enhanced and reformulated so that they now have no added preservatives! The recipes were meticulously put together to ensure that everything that goes into each sandwich is reassuringly wholesome without compromising on flavour. From nitrate-free ham and all-natural Australian cheddar cheese to no added preservatives mayonnaise and sauces. These quality ingredients now make a better and more satisfying sandwich.

There are nine mouth-watering varieties to choose from. For fans of classic fillings, take your pick from the 7-SELECT Egg & Cheese Sandwich (U.P. $3.20) or 7-SELECT Chicken Ham with Cheese Sandwich (U.P $3.40). If you’re in the mood for chicken, then the 7-SELECT Club Sandwich (U.P $3.60) and 7-SELECT Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken Sandwich (U.P. $3.70) will cure any cravings. For seafood lovers, grab a 7-SELECT Prawn Salad Sandwich (U.P. $3.60) or 7-SELECT Tuna Sandwich (U.P $3.40). Finally, if you simply can’t decide then go for one of the combo packs: the 7-SELECT Double Combo Sandwich (U.P. $3.70) comes in two varieties – Chicken Ham with Cheese + Egg with Cheese or Chicken Katsu + Egg & Potato Salad – or try the 7-SELECT Triple Combo Sandwich (Tuna + Chicken Ham with Cheese + Egg Mayo) (U.P $3.90). All sandwiches are also halal-certified!

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From 9 Mar 2022, check out the new range in the open chiller at your nearest 7-Eleven and treat yourself to this all-day breakfast offer! Enjoy the following three sandwiches – Tuna Sandwich, Double Combo Sandwich (Chicken Ham with Cheese + Egg with Cheese) or Double Combo Sandwich (Chicken Katsu + Egg & Potato Salad) – as part of $4.50 Saver Combos (Breakfast) with a 7CAFÉ Cappuccino, Latte or FIRST BREW Almond Milk from now until 12 Apr 2022!

And lastly, the packaging has also had a complete makeover and been redesigned using fun colours to brighten up your day. Grabbing a bite to eat has never been easier or looked so good!

For more details, please refer to this summary table:

Product RSP Promotion Promo Period
7-SELECT Egg & Cheese Sandwich $3.20
7-SELECT Chicken Ham with Cheese Sandwich $3.40
7-SELECT Club Sandwich $3.60
7-SELECT Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken Sandwich $3.70
7-SELECT Prawn Salad Sandwich $3.60
7-SELECT Tuna Sandwich $3.40 Available as part of $4.50 Saver Combos (Breakfast) with 7CAFÉ Cappuccino/ Latte or FIRST BREW Almond Milk Now till 12 Apr 2022
7-SELECT Double Combo Sandwich (Chicken Ham with Cheese + Egg with Cheese) $3.70
7-SELECT Double Combo Sandwich (Chicken Katsu + Egg & Potato Salad) $3.70
7-SELECT Triple Combo Sandwich (Tuna + Chicken Ham with Cheese + Egg Mayo) $3.90

More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

About 7-Eleven

Established in Singapore in 1983, 7-Eleven has since expanded to more than 400 stores island-wide to become the leading 24-hour convenience chain store. We take pride in serving the Singapore community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 7-Eleven emphasises convenience and value by offering a wide array of quality products, food and services to satisfy the needs of its customers. Think 7-Eleven and what comes to mind are the refreshing Slurpee, 7CAFÉ as well as a wide range of quality ready meals and sandwiches under 7-SELECT. 7-Eleven is also a 24/7 one-stop destination for customers who need to access bill payment services in their own time. Our services cover payment of utilities, courier services, and even cash withdrawal.

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