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I am going to prefix this by saying I am not a communication specialist. After having the privilege to finally attend a lot of smartphone launches now, both online and offline, I can tell you Kenya is doing it all wrong.

Smartphone launches are one of the best opportunities for companies who have set up shop in Africa to give proper business presentations and sell their devices, this should be their pitch to potential customers, not a comedy show.

Over the years I have complained about using product placing to sell smartphone devices, I have not met one single person in my life who bought a smartphone because Eric Omondi was seen holding it. When your launch event is popular because of who the MC is or who performed and not the actual device, something is wrong. At least I think so.

What Smartphone Manufacturers Should do Different

The first and the most obvious thing is to make your event about the device you’re launching, why are we 20 – 30 mins in and not a mention of the device? Start and go straight to the launch of the device, it’s why the people are here.

I think this is a no-brainer, have your professional keynote talking about the device delivered by someone who knows the device, It should be, say someone from your company as your potential clients will most likely trust them more. That and they’ll know what they are talking about.

Here’s an example, The launch event is when you convince someone looking for a good camera phone that yours is the best, this is the time you tell them why and how you managed to do this. Use real photos from the device, taken locally, you’re trying to build trust. Make the device practical for the potential client. If you’re selling battery life, sell the battery life.

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Smartphone manufacturers, we are not stupid, we know what refresh rates are, we are not cavemen, skip the 15 minutes you have planned to tell us ” Refresh rates sio kuhang, najua hamjui”. Please, nobody even wants to hear from condescending MCs delivering the Keynote with a competitors foldable in their hands.

The brain loves novelty. It gets bored easily, so make the keynote short, and very straight to the point. Afterward, you can have your artists and comedians come and perform for the people at the back (no offense).

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