ps5 jailbreak

Sony’s PlayStation 5 seems to have finally been jailbroken. As seen in the video below people are already installing modded games.

unveiled by PlayStation modder SpecterDev, the experimental IPV6 kernel exploit for the PS5 relies on a WebKit vulnerability as an entry point, so it will only work on PS5’s running firmware 4.03 or lower… and even then, apparently only works around 30% of the time.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking refers to reverse-engineering closed hardware and is often used to unlock debug menus and allow the use of unauthorized software.

As seen in the videos above, Lance has access to the debug menu as well as the ability to install a PS4 PKG file – essentially a backup of a game.

While Sony will likely keep an eye on this PS5 jailbreak, it’s unlikely to make it into widespread use in its current form due to its limitations. Primarily, that’s because this new exploit gives you read/write access but no way to execute anything you install – so in McDonald’s case, he can install P.T., but can’t actually launch it.


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