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Spotify has launched a new series called Spotify Talks Africa, aimed at providing a forum for artists and other music industry stakeholders to discuss the issues facing the African music industry and find solutions for success. The series will be released quarterly and will feature panelists from various parts of the industry, including artists, producers, and artist managers, as well as members of Spotify’s Sub-Saharan Africa team.

The first episode, hosted by Kenyan media personality Mariam Bishar, features John Katana Harrison of Them Mushrooms, rapper Wangechi, and Monica Kemoli-Savanne, Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for East Africa. The panel discusses the importance of exporting music to new audiences, the role of technology in the industry, and the value of collaborations.

One key point made in the episode is the impact that streaming has had on the music industry. John Katana Harrison notes that it has allowed music to reach new audiences, while Wangechi emphasizes the importance of collaborations in expanding an artist’s fanbase. Monica also encourages artists to use Spotify’s backend tools to track their audience demographics and build strategies based on that data.

Spotify Talks Africa is a welcome addition to the music industry landscape, providing a platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the African music industry. Its quarterly release schedule means that there will be plenty of opportunities for the industry to come together and have these important conversations.

As streaming continues to dominate the music industry, it’s important for platforms like Spotify to play a role in fostering dialogue and finding solutions to the challenges faced by artists and industry professionals. By providing a forum for these conversations, Spotify Talks Africa is helping to drive progress and ensure that the African music industry continues to thrive.

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Spotify Talks Africa is also a valuable resource for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the African music industry and for finding ways to succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on for anyone working in or interested in the African music industry.

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