Spotify is reportedly in talks to add full-length music videos to its app, in a move that would challenge YouTube and TikTok in the highly competitive video streaming market.

The news, which was reported by Bloomberg on Saturday (July 1), comes as Spotify is looking to attract a younger audience. Gen Z listeners are increasingly turning to TikTok and YouTube for their music fix, and Spotify is hoping that offering full-length music videos will help it to capture a slice of this market.

The streaming giant has already introduced a number of video features in recent months, including “Canvas,” which are looping GIFs that accompany songs, and “Clips,” which are short videos that artists can upload to promote their music. However, full-length music videos would be a significant step up for Spotify and would allow it to compete more directly with YouTube and TikTok.

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It is unclear when, or even if, Spotify will actually add full-length music videos to its app. The company has not yet commented on the reports, and it is possible that the talks could fall through. However, the fact that Spotify is even considering the move is a sign of the company’s ambition to compete in the video streaming market.

If Spotify does add full-length music videos, it will be interesting to see how it integrates them into its app. Will they be integrated into the existing “Canvas” and “Clips” features? Or will they be offered as a separate section of the app? It is also unclear how Spotify will monetize full-length music videos. Will it charge users to watch them? Or will it rely on advertising?

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These are all questions that Spotify will need to answer if it wants to be successful in the video streaming market. However, the company’s decision to even consider adding full-length music videos is a sign that it is taking the competition seriously.

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