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I know the year is about to end when I start receiving those happy birthday messages, ironical how everyone wishes me a prosperous new year at the start of the end of the year, I digress, just like it is my birthday, it is the end of the year which means streaming platforms are releasing insights on what you’ve been streaming the whole year.

Spotify Wrapped is one of the most popular stats always trending top on social platforms like Twitter when it’s released.

Only available on the Spotify app on iOS and Android, Spotify is now showing the 2021 Wrapped content in a Stories format on their app. The streaming platform will show you how many artists you listened to, the number of genres you listened to, your favorite song, songs you had on repeat, and your favorite artist.

Spotify encourages you to share these stats with everyone using #SpotifyWrapped meaning social media will be ablaze.

How is your Spotify Wrapped looking like?

Most-streamed Kenyan artists on Spotify in 2021

Spotify has also listed the most-streamed Kenyan artists on Spotify in 2021. find the full list below


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