Meet Super Sema, Kenya’s YouTube Superhero

American online video-sharing platform YouTube announced last month that it had picked up nine shows to join its originals roasters and of the nine, one of them is Super Sema, a Kenyan animated superhero series.

The animation follows the adventures of a 10-year-old Sema who has powers fueled by STEAM (Science, tech, engineering, the arts, and math) which along with her brother MB, she uses to save her village from a robot villain and his army.

Join Sema and her twin brother MB on their mission to protect their African town of Dunia from the villainous Tobor.

Super Sema is an African series, produced by a female-led team (KUKUA) and will be available on the Super Sema YouTube channel.

YouTube had announced that the picked-up shows would be part of a $100 million plan to invest in the future of kids’, family, and educational programming.

Other shows include Book Tube Jr., The Eggventurers, The Guava Juice Show, Kid Correspondent, Lottie Dottie Mini, and Millie and Lou.

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