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Survey by JD – JustDating: Those with Better Looks Are More Likely to Be Single

Hong Kong People Meet in Person After Only 3.2 Hours of Online Chat: Technology and Aviation Industry Professionals Show Higher Willingness to Date

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 November 2023 – With the annual Singles’ Day approaching on November 11th (11/11), some singles are eager to escape singledom on this day, while others, humorously self-proclaimed as having a “perpetually single” disposition, continue to embrace solitude. In light of this, the popular dating app “JD – Just Dating” conducted a survey specifically targeting single users in Hong Kong. The findings were astonishing, with a staggering 77% of single men and women expressing the belief that simply shopping on the streets during Singles’ Day is not enough to fulfil their psychological needs. Instead, they actively seek companionship and the opportunity to “date” on this special day.


The age group of these singles eager for dates ranges from 27 to 33 years old. They enjoy initiating conversations and invite online friends for in-person dates after chatting online for 3.2 hours on average. Those working in the technology and aviation industries are most willing to go on dates, and surprisingly, good looks have become a significant contributing factor to their single status.

Hong Kong Singles Meet for Dates to Soothe Loneliness After Just 3.2 Hours of Chat

The popular dating app, “JD,” conducted a statistical survey on the topic of “2023 Singles’ Day.” The survey took place from October 5th to 25th, 2023, and involved 1,300 users aged between 22 and 45 in Hong Kong. The analysis of the data from this user group found that a substantial 77% of single men and women believe that on Singles’ Day, they must engage in “pseudo-singleness,” actively inviting online friends for face-to-face dates to break free from the single life. This group of singles, eager for dates ranges from 27 to 33 years old, sending up to 20 dating invitations to friends on the app every day.

To successfully date on Singles’ Day, they have minimal expectations for suitable dates, valuing compatibility in personality and shared interests as the most important factors instead. On average, they would arrange in-person dates after chatting online for 3.2 hours. However, males aged 28 to 32 are the least content with solitude, initiating date invitations after chatting for an average of 2.5 hours and are willing to cover all date expenses for romantic dining experiences.

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Better Looks May Increase the Likelihood of Being Single – Technology and Aviation Industry Professionals Are the Most Willing to Meet in Person to Escape Singledom

Could better looks be a reason for remaining single? According to a survey conducted by “JD,” individuals with good looks, both male and female, tend to stay single. An analysis of data from the app’s top 100 most popular users found that 71% of these users have been mistaken for being “in a relationship,” only to reveal the opposite, leading to a surprising result where individuals with better looks are single. Furthermore, nearly half of these users stated that they had been told by others that their “good looks make people feel insecure in a relationship,” which led to breakups. These individuals have long been troubled by the stereotype that good-looking people are always in relationships. Therefore, as the upcoming Singles’ Day approaches, these attractive single men and women are actively seeking to break free from singledom, eager to meet more online friends and arrange dates.

When it comes to professions, those in the technology and aviation industries in Hong Kong show the highest willingness to date. On average, they accept dates from four out of six online friends, which exceeds 60%. Public servants and healthcare professionals also actively seek to expand their social circles. It’s worth noting that 38% of the “JD” users prefer to have dates on Mondays over enjoying a full-day date on the weekend, believing that Monday evening dates are the best way to alleviate “Monday Blues.”

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