Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested a suspect linked to the Amazon Web Worker Ponzi scheme which milked the pockets of unsuspecting investors dry.

Identified as Stacey Marie Parker Blake, the suspect was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as she arrived in the country from her home country the United States.

In a well-orchestrated plan that Techspace Kenya warned people of, Stacey and Co. had attracted Kenyans who were under duress due to economic shocks left behind by the novel Coronavirus by promising them up to 38pc profits for deposits to their program payable in 7 days.

“In one such advertisement, investors who deposited Sh100,000 were promised Sh351,000 after 30 days! All one needed for his/her application to be successful was to register their personal details such as full names, M-Pesa account details & mobile phone numbers in the online app.” The DCI said in a statement.

According to the DCI, the suspect was linked to the Ponzi syndicate, after painstaking investigations revealed that she had pay-bill accounts in her name, that had a balance of Sh50 Million, believed to be deposits made by the unsuspecting victims. She will be arraigned in court, on charges of Money Laundering, Computer Fraud among other charges.

Now, Kenyans lost hundreds of millions in the Ponzi scheme, and chances that all that money is returned to the investors are thin to none, the DCI insists that they are currently pursuing other suspects believed to be part of the syndicate and investigations are underway, however, if I were you I’d count my losses and move on.

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