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SYLTARE Unveils Its NFT-based Trading Card Game Global Launching on August 18th

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Media OutReach – 18 August 2022 – SYLTARE, a South Korean NFT-based Trading Card Game (TCG), is ready to launch in the global market on August 18th. The successful soft launch of the project as a 2-people Sit&Go mode resulted in 7-day retention above 90%. The project reached this impressive result even under five daily open hours.


The team has already started unveiling a diversified set of gameplay modes. Following the announcement, gamers and investors are now ready to join this new ecosystem.

SYLTARE Is Ready for Lift Off

SYLTARE is launching its NFT-based TCG game globally on August 18th. This project is different from other P2E/NFT based games due to its sustainability driven token economy. This means that the users can earn tokens based on their game performance, while not having to worry about losing token values.

The team also plans different types of Sit&Go mode (2, 8, 16 people mode, with different stakes mode). This choice will make the game more accessible for players around the world.

SYLTARE is also introducing a new “Normal mode” in its growing ecosystem. The Normal mode is a free-to-play mode where anyone can earn tokens based on their game performance. It is targeted towards casual players that want to have a taste of the game, as SYLTARE explained.

This strategy aims to make it easier for more people to play the game. Based on this information, SYLTARE explained it is taking a very aggressive approach to reach success in the NFT-based TCG market.

An Ongoing Global Event

The team behind SYLTARE is fully aware of the importance of its community for the project’s success. They explained that it is pivotal to work alongside individual players to achieve their goals and reward the community.

In this context, the Global Gleam event hosted by SYLTARE is now in full swing. It has launched on August 11th and will run until August 25th, with $10,000 in prize money up for grabs. The event has already attracted over 1.9 million entries, making it one of the most successful launch events in the South Korean P2E industry.

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The SYLTARE team is very thankful for the support they have received so far. The project is looking forward to continuing to work together to make the project a success.

What Is Next for SYLTARE?

The SYLTARE game is a digital trading card game that allows players to battle each other for rewards. It is making its global premier on the global market on August 18th, and there will be a Global Massive Event on August 20th. The team expects to celebrate the game’s global launch and its listing on LBank on this occasion.

There will be events and raffles, including an opportunity to win 10,000 SYL tokens. Everyone interested in discovering this opportunity can check the project’s Discord group.

Hashtag: #SYLTARE


SYLTARE is an NFT-based Trading Card Game launching globally on August 18th. The project has already raised $7.6 million in cryptocurrency and reached the #1 spot on Opensea for trading cards across all chains.

Some notable project investors include Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Kakao Ventures, and Wemade. LBank, one of the largest global centralized exchanges, has recently listed SYL token, SYLTARE’s ethereum based token which serves as the foundation for their token economy.

For more information on SYLTARE, everyone can visit its or follow the team on the social media pages below.

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