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Taitung Art Museum Enhanced! The 2022 Nanhui Art Project Exhibition Launches and Is Sure to Amaze!

TAITUNG COUNTY, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 8 September 2022 – The 2022 Nanhui Art Project: Art Sproutland officially makes its annual debut in August. The event is coming to all of the tribes of Taitung in Taimali, Jinfeng, Dawu and Daren. Eight works of art are making their way to the nooks and crannies sprinkled throughout the South Link Highway. Glimmering Pavillion, one of the pieces of art, created by Taiwanese artist Eric Chen, is a transformation of the old abandoned Daxi Elementary bus shelter using iridescent cellophane. The transformation is a reflection of Taitung’s bright sunshine and adolescent imagination.

Glimmering Pavilion
Location: Taimali Township Daxi Elementary Bus Shelter
Taiwanese Artist: Eric Chen

Taitung County Magistrate April Yao said Taitung is stunning. It’s not necessary to embellish its natural beauty. Taitung’s prowess unfolds before our very eyes when witnessing the unity of our local culture, land and nature. As such, in the makings of Taitung, the form our art takes, does not conform. The entire county—the ocean and mountains that surround us—will be seen as one big art gallery as we again hold the Nanhui Art Project this year.

Event Info:
2022 Nanhui Art Project: Art Sproutland
Where: The four townships of the South Link: Taimali, Jinfeng, Dawu, Daren
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